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Undefined Sarcasm

Sometimes it is really very hard getting along with people, especially while you are inside office premises as you really have to act as professional as possible.

You really need to have the charm to befriend with your office mates, not because of any malicious intent but simply because you just want to play the role of an educated person.

But I do believe that pressures at work really make a difference. Every so often you will get to misinterpret how your office mate reacts at you. In times like this, you must be armed with a character of self-control so you will not get into trouble. Try to think about things first. Seek advice if necessary. Do not be fooled by undefined sarcasm as you basically have the possibility to be mistaken.


I Am Not A Singer

Just the other day I received an email from our HR-Administrator, inviting me to represent our facility (Admin) in one of the contests for our upcoming outing. Guess what the contest is all about?

It’s a singing contest. Oh, wow! Upon reading her email, my body was shaking. Basically, because I am not a singer. I sing of course but not solo and not in a quality people usually love. I sing inside the bathroom, I sing to make my son sleep, I sing with my friends (especially when loaded with alcoholic drinks 🙂 ), I was a part of various choral groups before but never did I join any of the solo singing contest in my entire life.

As far as I can remember, I sing a lot during my high school days, in some school programs where the crowd was not that big. The crowd there is something I get used to, and something I can handle already.

I don’t usually reject opportunities on activities like this. But this time I don’t want to become the center of destruction as they say. It might just be for fun; however, I definitely don’t want to be rembered as somewhat with a concrete face without a beautiful voice joining a singing contest.  Hehe!

I Never Thought

I really did’nt think of being a blogger before. I was such a big opposition on the blogging activity. I also had the impression of blogging being a scam as I really don’t know the things about and behind it.

But I do love writing even before. And I am an emotional author. I love to express my emotions through the strike of my fingers in a computer’s keyboard. I sometimes use pen and paper for the same intention.

Until my friend invited me to do my writing on-line instead. Not bad. I am now having fun with it. I have written a lot posts and I know I’ll be counting more.