I Am Not A Singer

Just the other day I received an email from our HR-Administrator, inviting me to represent our facility (Admin) in one of the contests for our upcoming outing. Guess what the contest is all about?

It’s a singing contest. Oh, wow! Upon reading her email, my body was shaking. Basically, because I am not a singer. I sing of course but not solo and not in a quality people usually love. I sing inside the bathroom, I sing to make my son sleep, I sing with my friends (especially when loaded with alcoholic drinks 🙂 ), I was a part of various choral groups before but never did I join any of the solo singing contest in my entire life.

As far as I can remember, I sing a lot during my high school days, in some school programs where the crowd was not that big. The crowd there is something I get used to, and something I can handle already.

I don’t usually reject opportunities on activities like this. But this time I don’t want to become the center of destruction as they say. It might just be for fun; however, I definitely don’t want to be rembered as somewhat with a concrete face without a beautiful voice joining a singing contest.  Hehe!


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