SIM Diary

Yesterday was my fifth month in the company. I believe I am now subject for my superior’s evaluation.

Well, I am on the positive side of it. Hope to be permanently employed here. If I would be asked what has been my contributions within my probationary period, I could not probably enumerate them all. Glad we have our SIM (Short Interval Management) Diary – this is where we write down are day-to-day tasks, due date of which including its status.

At least from there, I can present what I have done during the days prior to my evaluation. We are also bound to write in there everything that has been discussed in our weekly SIM meeting. 

Things here in our office are based on performance and attitude. As for myself, I am certain about the former but as to the latter I would rather not comment about it. 🙂

But one thing is for sure. I love it here.


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