Yehey! I am Now a Regular Employee

I made this early post at this very moment of my regularization day. Yes I am no longer a probationary employee. It’s been six months since I started being APC’s Financial Analyst.

I guess this day posts me to become more persistent about my job. I have been naturally pro-active over the years of working. I exactly know how I can contribute my skills and talent as an individual to the corporate world. I just need to be given the chance to do it.

Honestly, I am not happy to be a regular employee by default. I still prefer the evaluation thing to discuss how I really performed. I mean, I am not that confident about myself but I am aware that I am just an individual and I want to know where or how I can improve myself further.

Generally, I am very thankful of being a regular part of this family now. At least the agony of rejection has been completely eliminated.


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