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Busy… Too Busy…

It’s month-end once again. A moment where all the office pressures unite.

Every month-end, a lot of ill feelings coming out.

I feel a pain in my chest, my shoulders, sometimes in my tummy.

I am having an intense headache.I am bleeding at times. I feel mentally tortured. I feel negative.

I don’t know if these things were still an “it’s all in the mind thing”.

But I guess that’s how an accountant is destined to live.

Chasing after deadlines of the month-end reporting, dealing with the numbers most of the time.

Can I be an actress instead or a super model? Nahhh…

This is reality… this is my life… sigh!


My Life at Stake

Now I am hearing threats. No joke, my life is in danger. It may not be equated to death but its more of shame. I could not blame any body about it as I was the one who made myself involved on such uncontrollable burst of feelings.

Nevertheless, I am keeping myself calm and quiet this time. Getting myself ready for the next possible things to happen. I maybe wrong, I maybe guilty but the guilt I have is more on the situation rather than on the emotion.

I am lifting things Up. He knows me well. He won’t let things happen if I don’t deserve them. But if I do, I will accept it – it is probably just one of those consequences I have to face. 😦


I guess I made a big mistake again in trusting people, not just ordinary people but people who are professional in form.

I thought proficient people know the distinction between concern and intrusion. I was wrong in my presumption that they are aware of the difference between personal and official business matters. I am indeed regretful that I considered them more than associates.

I should have not spoken. I should have not shared anything. I should have listened to real people. But how will I know?

I realized then that friendship is about respect. While I value others’ opinions, while I listen to their advice; I am expecting the same thing.

Friendship is not autocracy, it isn’t dictatorship. Enough that you’ve expressed your views yet don’t be judgmental in any sense. Do not intervene when it is not being asked from you. Do not go beyond limitation. Do not extend and go ahead of the situation.

On top of it before trying to fix problems that are not yours why not try to clean up your own mess? For all you know, you have larger troubles to work out.

Why I wrote these things out? I just felt being backbitten.

Temporarily Loss of Vision

It’s been two days since I lost the other pair of my eyes – my eyeglasses. Two days of headaches, two days of almost blurred vision.

I remember wearing it last during our lunch break last Monday and I am confident that it is only in the canteen I have left it. I have asked the cashier in the afternoon if something has been surrendered but she replied “none”.

I just let the day passed, and another one more day ended without my eyeglasses as I was on leave yesterday. Just this morning when I inquired about it at the Human Resources Department and Bingo!  It was there since the day it slips off my fingers.

It may seem non-sense at all but it makes a lot to me.  Thanks to Miss Rizza and Miss Joanne for keeping at safe.

When I’m With You…

I’d like to continue the phrase from the stuff my Team Leader (Tita Mariz) has given me. Thanks Tita. Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I’m with you, I feel simply happy.

When I’m with you, as if my world stops.

When I’m with you, I see nothing wrong.

When I’m with you, I love singing a song.

When I’m with you, I just love to stare at you.

When I’m with you, I am at peace.

When I’m with you, I feel complete.

When I’m with you, I am totally in love.

And I just hope to be with you always…

Happy ♥’s Day

I don’t expect chocolates.

I don’t expect flowers.

I am not expecting any material thing on Monday (February 14, 2011).

Seldom in my entire life that I am receiving gifts for Valentine’s Day. I also do not usually celebrate the day even before. I might seem to be kill joy in a sense but I just don’t get the chance to.

I believe that it really feels nice to be recognized and be given special attention. It is indeed romantic.

But this time, I will just let the day pass. Come what may. Enough that I know how people love me as I am.

Happy ♥’s Day!



The Right Kind of Suffering – Suffering for the Sake of Love

I was inspired by Bo’s article today on enjoying God’s blessing – there was a portion in there which mentioned the right kind of suffering.

Relating it to my personal experiences, I guess I suffered enough for love’s sake but neither one of them succeeded so far. That made me realize that it has to be the right kind of love for you to suffer on.

Our Lord perfectly knows our heart’s desire and he is obviously aware to whom our heart beats for. If we ask for His help, he will surely grant our wishes if He see how pure our heart’s intentions are.

Most of the time, He is just testing our patience. That we must learn to wait until the right time comes. And when that happens we will be more than happy that we expect things to be. ♥