My Life at Stake

Now I am hearing threats. No joke, my life is in danger. It may not be equated to death but its more of shame. I could not blame any body about it as I was the one who made myself involved on such uncontrollable burst of feelings.

Nevertheless, I am keeping myself calm and quiet this time. Getting myself ready for the next possible things to happen. I maybe wrong, I maybe guilty but the guilt I have is more on the situation rather than on the emotion.

I am lifting things Up. He knows me well. He won’t let things happen if I don’t deserve them. But if I do, I will accept it – it is probably just one of those consequences I have to face. 😦


2 responses to this post.

  1. you want war i’ll give you war?! hahahaha


  2. i promote peace bru… naniniwala ka ba?


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