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Already in progress……..

Guess what?

It’s a carreer move where I just exercise my responsibility on mobility as an employee.

It’s a choice, a decision I have chosen.

No one’s to be blame.

I am just hoping that I made the right choice and that it’s leading me through the right path.

Still keeping my fingers crossed on this.

Constantly praying that I would find peace where I can see myself not complaining most of the time.

Nothing much will change.

And I know I will always be grateful about how I have reached this instance.

To all those people who have guided and trained me all this time, Thank you so much.


I’m Late

I ain’t late reporting for work, as I have never been tardy since I became an employee of Schneider Electric.

I ain’t late submitting reports as well, as I am overly deadline conscious.

But I guess, I have been late deciding for myself.

Before I knew it, what I am targeting has been picked already.

It is now closed as somebody filled it.

Yet I still have a choice and now I am thinking futher and I guess I would be thinking a lot more of it over the weekend.

Lord, I need signs…  Please send me one… Thanks…

Working Anniversary

Yes, I have already reached my first year here at my fourth employer.

If you’ll ask me how I’m feelling, well I must say just normal. Nothing is new. Nothing is extraordinary.

But what does this anniversary bring me?

I still am at blank. Not knowing which road to take as I am not yet aware where each way could lead me to.

But this time, I am being surrounded by a lot of opportunities which I am thinking if I would grab or not.

Do I have enough of capacity to step up?

Do I deserve some sort of advancement or career growth?

Would it be still here or should I look for another outside?

Till this time, I am asking for signs.

Lord, thank you for the chance. Thy Will Be Done!

Ash Wednesday

I am just so glad that we will be having our Ash Wednesday Mass Celebration in the office.

At least we do not need to chase after some parishes scheduled mass anticipating bulk of people who would like to witness being marked with blessed ash on their forehead.It has been an annual tradition of the Catholic church which signifies the beginning of the Lenten Season.During ash wednesday we are being asked to undergo fasting and abstinence.

In there we are bound to hear the phrase “repent and believe in the gospel” as the holy ash is being applied in between the eyebrows.


This weekdays that passed had put a lot of pressures on me. Chasing after the reporting deadlines, attending to some miscellaneous office matters and training my new colleagues.

I guess that was a sort of challenge on me once more. I know myself as simply perfectionist and there are times when I really can’t stop acting that way.

I have asked myself again, why? Can’t I really become a teacher? Am I poor in giving instructions? Or is it that I am trying to myself in another’s personality as what a friend old me?

I almost ran out of patience and I am hoping not to encounter such negative perception, again.