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New Workstation

We’ve been squatting for almost a month I think as our old office was under renovation. Just today we were asked to the old room – old space but with new ambience.

Our team is now confined in one section of the room with twelve cubicles for staff and two enclosed offices for our bossess.

I am happy about as I really believe that working environment really contributes to an employees enthusiasm to work .

Now I guess it’s more conducive except that we now have to walk farther when we have to go to the comfort rooms and to the canteen.

my working table


Discriminated Me

Lately, I felt the world has deprived me of fairness as I became a victim of discrimination. I was left out not knowing the real reasons behind. I don’t know to whom I should believe in. My questions remain not clearly answered. Issues raised were not given attention and yet unresolved till this time.

I guess it is but the result of politics at work. Sometimes you will really feel bitter about things or even worst – you will be misinterpreted and you will come out as the accused person instead.

I just hope in time people would know the real meaning of the word “fair” it may be short and simple but it weighs as heavy as your conscience.